Congratulations to Eric and Cathy for achieving their  MAT™Rx Certification! This week they received their plaques after 2 years of continuing education in this next level of  MAT™. They are the first (and currently only) two practitioners in Canada to have  this designation!  To see if MAT™Rx could be the best option for bringing you back to health call and make an appointment for a free consultation.  

Alina is waiting to hear from you at (416) 915-CORE (2673).  

If you haven’t seen us yet stop by for a tour of our 4,300 square foot custom renovated facility!  It features an easy, main-floor entrance, treatment offices and separate dedicated gym space.  Located at 25 Lesmill Road, there is free, ample, on-site parking.

We are continuing to update and change our site – stay tuned for changes!  Our new company name is Core Muscle Activation Inc.  Our phone contact remains the same,  416-915-2673, as well as our email address,


Core Muscle Activation is Canada’s only facility devoted to Muscle Activation Techniques™.  MAT™ Specialists work on the neuromuscular system using manual palpation in order to generate stability. Whether you are looking to enhance your performance, recover from an injury or prevent compensation patterns, the specialists at Core MA have the necessary training in biomechanics to help you with the simplest to the most complex of muscular issues.

Read more on our mission statement here or watch the video from the developer of MAT™.
To book for a consultation:
(416) 915-CORE

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