Muscle Activation Techniques™

MAT Muscle Activation Techniques™ is based in biomechanics. It’s a system that aims to create stability in the muscular system by identifying and treating muscular inhibitions. It follows a process with objective checks and balances.


What makes MAT™ different from other forms of treatment?

  • MAT™ involves a new paradigm shift in how tightness is viewed. Traditionally, tightness or restricted range of motion at a joint is viewed as the primary source of your problem.  Thus, most modalities aim at directly decreasing tightness.  The fundamental principle of the MAT™ thought process is that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness.  Muscles tighten as a protective mechanism that is secondary to the instability made manifest by the presence of muscle inhibition.  MAT™ focuses on treating the underlying cause of the problem rather than the symptom.

What does a treatment consist of?

  • Each treatment begins with a global range of motion exam. Once a restriction is identified, the MAT™ Specialist will use positional testing to determine the contractile ability of muscles associated with that range. Muscles that test “weak” are palpated at their attachment sites. The palaption is a stimulus that “activates” the pathways between the muscles and the brain. Following the palpation, the muscles are restested to objectively determine if their contractile ability has improved.

Why is muscular inhibition a concern?

  •  To the body, muscular inhibitions mean less support for joints. When joints are not fully supported by all the muscles that can control and stabilize them, it can lead to compensation patterns which can in turn lead to chronic orthopedic dysfunction, impeded recovery and discomfort. Over a long period of time, compensation patterns can result in maladaptive changes in the skeletal system. 

Who can benefit from MAT™? 

  • A common misperception is that MAT™ is only for athletes or individuals who are overly concerned with their health.  In short, it can really benefit everyone!