In 52 years, my activities have caused a variety of injuries to my lower body including 7 breaks in my right foot & ankle at various times. In 2003, I dislocated my left hip while water-skiing. I went through physiotherapy with limited success. The end result was that I limped slightly, and was limited to walking about a mile a day, in total, before the pain in my hip would stop me.

A friend of mine told me about Ian Murray and MAT™ , and recommended him to me on several occasions. He also told me about several other mutual acquaintances who had experienced significant improvements after seeing Ian; all of them confirmed that their conditions had improved. I wasn’t sure that my condition could be improved much, but with retirement looming in a couple of years, I thought I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment.

I met him in for the first time in May of 2010 and he focused on my right foot.  By the end of the session, I felt lighter on my feet and more nimble. While walking on the uneven ground at our cottage that weekend, I felt surefooted, and was able to walk more than I could in years. During my next visit, Ian focused on my right foot again, as well as my left foot. When I left, I didn’t hurt and didn’t limp.

It’s mid-August now, and I still don’t limp and have no pain. I can walk as far as I want, and don’t need to take a cane. I never expected results like this, and still have trouble grasping the magnitude of the improvement. I didn’t think it was possible. When I tell others, I can sometimes feel the skepticism; I’d have trouble believing this if someone told me a similar story. It’s incredible, but it’s true. – Gord MacLaren


I had been flat on my back for three days, unable to walk or lift my feet when a friend recommended Core Strength to me. Barely able to make my way into the office for my first appointment, I practically skipped out the door after my first experience with Cathy Watson.

MAT™  is a logical, systematic process that identifies which muscles are not working properly and which muscles are overworking to compensate for the weak or injured muscles. It is like a very specialized form of physical therapy; no machines. It is a hands-on treatment that you and the MAT therapist work together on.

The care is completely individualized from session to session as well as person to person. The staff recognizes that a person’s condition changes from week to week and they are prepared to adapt and continue to adapt their program for you to continually be challenged and improve. Core Strength is a kind and caring place. I recommend it to seniors and to youth and all of those in between. They helped rehab my rugby-playing son and my 85 year old uncle! – Nancy Davidson

I struggle with post-polio condition and in recent years, I have been experiencing increased pain in my legs along with a dramatic loss of strength. I have always enjoyed hiking and staying active but my symptoms were keeping from leading the lifestyle I was used to. I tried every form of therapy to get relief but found no help. When I was referred to Core Muscle Activation, I had little hope that anything could help me at that point. After the first Muscle Activation Techniques™  session, I immediately saw changes to my mechanics and strength. What was more impressive was that they identified and treated areas of my body that weren’t even where I had my complaints. I understand now that it was necessary to treat the underlying cause of my problems as opposed to my symptoms. I am now back to doing things I couldn’t before and completely pain free! – Iris Hazen


As a university Track and Field athlete the limits of my body are always being tested. I had been steadily improving over my University career but due to some nagging injuries I did not feel like I was able to put forward my best effort. By coming to Core Muscle Activation throughout my season I was able to improve range of motion and strength in areas of my body that had previously been restricted. Without their help I do not think I would have been able to perform as well as I did this season. – Desmond Miller


I first went into Core Muscle Activation and was introduced to MAT™  as a last-ditch attempt to avoid more radical surgical procedures and the pain and limitations that would thereafter become long-term issues in my life.  Eric Seifert changed my life. Strong words, I know, but certainly not an overstatement of the effect that MAT sessions have had on me. After only two sessions I left the cane at home! After a year in MAT I now walk pain-free. - Nancy Hennigar 


As my years accumulated so did a host of small discomforts, and some of them became serious. An ankle in end-state osteoarthritis left me depending on wheelchairs and crutches for mobility. A good friend urged—all but compelled—me to see the experts at Core Muscle Activation I had seen many physicians and therapists, with no lasting relief, if any. I felt much better the very first time I saw them. This has brought me more relief from pain than any other treatment. I am now stronger and more mobile. I can walk around my home and office, largely unaided, a huge improvement over being dependent on a wheelchair. - Richard Owens