Meet the Team


MAT™ Certified Specialist, RTS™

Cathy Watson first came to Core Strength Inc. as a client in 2003. She was so impressed with MAT™ that she referred many of her friends and acquaintances for treatment and developed an interest in becoming a Certified MAT™ Specialist herself.

It didn’t take her long. In 2006, Cathy travelled all the way to Chicago to take the MAT™ internship and, after many practical hours, was certified the following year. Since then, she has tirelessly committed to continuing her education and has attended numerous courses including MAT™ Jumpstart, Cadaver Anatomy, Advanced Foot Function, Mastery Level Lower Extremity, RTS 123 and RTS Science. She even audited the first MAT™ internship offered in Canada in 2010, reflecting her belief that attaining mastery requires constantly reviewing the basics. Recently, she was invited to study among the MAT™ elite in the latest, ground-breaking course in foot mechanics, taught by the founder of MAT™, Greg Roskopf.

Thus far in her career as an MAT™ Specialist, Cathy has challenged herself by working with elite athletes wanting to fine-tune their performance, children with neurological issues, rheumatoid and joint-replacement patients as well as wheelchair-bound stroke victims. It is her determination that each individual should receive the care and consideration that they need that sets her apart from the majority of practitioners in the rehabilitation industry.