Meet the Team


MAT™ Master Certified Specialist, RTS™ Master, NSCA-CPT, USWF

Eric Seifert is one of Canada’s leading health professionals.  He is one of only two Canadians that hold a Mastery Level designation within the Muscle Activation Techniques discipline as well as the Resistance Training Specialist program.  He was fortunate enough to have studied directly under MAT founder, Greg Roskopf as well as RTS developer, Tom Purvis.  With an eye to education and a desire to share the knowledge he has accumulated over 23 years in the industry, he has recently been named as a Jumpstart Instructor and has taught nationally and internationally.

His extensive knowledge in biomechanics, exercise and force principles has helped him to establish new standards for rehabilitation and addressing dysfunction.  In 2003, Eric co-founded Corestrength Inc., a company which provides comprehensive biomechanics-based rehabilitation treatment and exercise mechanics.  Over his 10 years as an MAT Specialist he has helped hundreds of clients recover from surgery, injury, chronic issues and improve their overall quality of life.  He has experience with an extensive range of biomechanics issues from sprained joints to advanced neuromuscular conditions.

Eric’s goal of improving muscular balance and increased function using MAT has allowed him to become one of the most sought after specialists in the country.  He has worked with clients of all ages, from 5 years old to 92.  His experience ranges from professional athletes to sedentary office workers, from people that suffer from chronic orthopedic issues to those wanting to improve their elite or even weekend sports performance.